Storm Season | Alex Kava, Erica Spindler, JT Ellison


STPRM SEASON | Alex Kava | JT Ellison | Erica Spindler The second exciting collaboration from Erica Spindler, Alex Kava and J.T. Ellison. One terrifying storm; three thrilling tales.They call it an Alberta Clipper – a massive storm system that rides the jet stream southward from Canada and across the United States. It’s early October, and

Slices of Night | Alex Kava, Erica Spindler, JT Ellison


SLICE OF NIGHT | Book 4 Ryder Creed K9 Mystery Series | Alex Kava One killer: A psychopath who flies under the radar, moving from city to city, preying on the lost and forgotten. Three investigators: Detective Stacy Killian from the New Orleans P.D., Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson, and FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell--who witnessed some

Off the Grid | Alex Kava


OFF THE GRID |  Alex Kava For the first time, all of New York Times bestselling author, Alex Kava’s short works of psychological suspense are finally together in one collection. OFF THE GRID offers four short stories and one novella. All but one, feature Kava’s critically acclaimed FBI profiler, Special Agent Maggie O’Dell. In Goodnight Sweet

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